Financial Services to Farmers:

We operate as partners to our farmers and understand the needs and requirements of our farmers. As a further service offering we provide the following credit facilities:

1. Different seasonal facilities for the purchase of inputs
2. Summer Seasonal accounts (1 September to 30 August)
3. Winter Seasonal account (1 March to 28 February)
4. Production account (to suit the individual need of a farmer, with a starting date as requested
by the farmer and payable within 12 months)
5. Current/Monthly accounts (Payable 30 days after date of statement)

PSP Feeds manufactures quality and competitively priced Feeds, maximising the use of locally produced Maize,for the Ruminant,Poultry and Pig Markets. Products are formulated on a Custom basis to meet the needs and requirements of individual Clients .All our products are in a Meal form maximising the usage of Maize and also incorporating Protein sources such as Soya,Sunflower and Cotton.

We sell and distribute high quality cleaned maize in various bag sizes, for example Bulk Bags, 50kg’s and 40 kg’s. We can also assist you with your unique Seed and Fertiliser requirements.

We offer delivery services for our entire product range and can transport 3 rd party loads when required

Advit Animal Nutrition Voermol Lucern (in season)